How to password protect a PDF before you share it

Dec 6, 2023

Alex Kucherenko

Highlighting the common practice of sending PDFs via email attachment - Posing the question: Is a PDF file really secure?

Sending a PDF email attachment has become a second-nature standard—but have you ever stopped to consider if a PDF file is really secure? Here's how to send a PDF that is secure and password-protected for your documents.

Since its inception in the 1990s, the PDF has evolved into a widely embraced electronic file format, catering to professionals how they share multiple confidential documents with colleagues and various organisations, students who shares their work or assignments or confidential letters, retirees with their plans and ideas via documents, and even children with their sketches and wishlist. While sending a PDF as an email attachment is a common practice, have you ever pondered the importance of password protection for all the use cases mentioned above?

Well, if you have, you're in for a treat! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps of not only password protecting a PDF but also enlightening you on how to effectively track its journey once it leaves your inbox. Stay tuned for a seamless blend of security and insight in the world of PDFs.


Steps on how to share your document with Password protection

1. Open your file in using the upload button.

2. Navigate to File, then click "Create Link"

3. Now you have multiple options to secure your files with, by clicking on "Password" option, you will enable an extra layer of security to your document.

4. Set the password for editing or viewing.

5. Type your password.

6. Click "Apply."

For a better view checkout our help page:

It's all done, that easy!

Adding a password to a PDF serves the purpose of restricting access to those who know the password. However, it falls short when it comes to tracking who views and engages with the PDF. As the sender, you remain in the dark about which recipients are opening and interacting with the document.

Moreover, there's no certainty about who might be forwarding the PDF and its password to others. Essentially, relying solely on a password for security when sending a PDF via email means losing control over a document you intended to safeguard.

The vulnerability associated with this approach may seem like an unavoidable drawback, especially when sharing crucial PDF documents. But fear not, as there's a better solution with

Discover a Secure Alternative not only ensures the privacy of your PDFs but also provides comprehensive insights into their usage. By leveraging, you regain control and gain visibility into who accesses, reads, and shares your important documents. Say goodbye to uncertainties and step into a more secure era of document sharing with!

Track Engagement for the shared documents

So, you've uploaded your PDF to, added all the necessary security features, and hit send—what comes next? If you value the contents of your PDF enough to secure it, you likely want to know how it's being received and read.

Here's the good news: when you create and send individual links to each recipient or group, you're already set to track your secure PDF. Let me show you a quickly how you can keep an eye on engagement.

First off, you'll get instant notifications when someone views your document. A summary of these notifications will also pop up in the "View Analytics" tab when you click on a specific file or PDF in It's that easy to stay in the know! ensures your files are not only secure but provides valuable insights into viewer engagement. Step into a new era of document sharing with