How to share sales proposals with access protection with

Sept 23, 2023

David Johnson

In the dynamic landscape of virtual sales, where opportunities are abundant, the imperative to ensure the security of files and proposals.

In the dynamic landscape of virtual sales, where opportunities are abundant, the imperative to ensure the security of files and proposals has never been more critical. A recent survey by SentryBay, a cybersecurity firm based in the U.K., underscores the urgency, with 70% of security professionals advocating for a thorough reassessment of cybersecurity strategies in light of the widespread adoption of remote work.

Navigating Virtual Selling Challenges:

Virtual selling, accompanied by the intricate landscape of file sharing, presents a spectrum of challenges, including the risk of data breaches, unauthorised access, and vulnerabilities in remote network connections. To navigate these challenges seamlessly, incorporating advanced practices into your sales strategy using—the unparalleled Secure File Sharing solution—is imperative.

1. Spreadsheet Sharing Controls for Granular Insight: introduces spreadsheet sharing controls, providing granular insights into document engagement. With categories such as Total Visits, Engaged Contacts, Engaged Links, and Engaged Files, empowers users with an unprecedented level of detail to comprehend the reach and impact of shared documents.

2. Watermarks for Document Security and Brand Integrity:

Harness the power of document watermarks within to assert ownership, thwart unauthorised distribution, and enhance brand integrity. Watermarks serve as a multifaceted tool, communicating document status, reinforcing professionalism, and acting as a deterrent against tampering.

3. Integrating Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with Ease:

In industries demanding heightened confidentiality, seamlessly integrates non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) into the sales process. This functionality not only safeguards proprietary information but also fosters trust by assuring prospects of the secure handling of sensitive business data.

4. Robust Password Protection Mechanism:

With the paradigm shift towards virtual interactions, ensuring files are shared exclusively with authorised decision-makers is imperative.'s robust password protection mechanism not only limits access but also establishes a foundation of trust, mitigating the risk of accidental sharing and potential data compromise.

5. Disabling File Downloading:

For scenarios where password protection may present a barrier, offers the option to disable file downloading. This nuanced approach allows sales representatives to control the sales process, refine strategies based on granular analytics, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

6. File Sharing Analytics for Informed Decision-Making:

Empower your sales team with advanced file sharing analytics within The "require email to view" feature in the Secure Client Portal provides critical insights into user engagement. Advanced analytics, including time spent per page, top-performing pages, version performance, total downloads, and content drop off, offer a data-driven approach to refine sales strategies and optimise document content.


Elevate your virtual sales endeavors with, a Secure Client Portal meticulously crafted to enhance security, streamline collaboration, and provide nuanced insights through advanced analytics. Ready to revolutionise your document-sharing experience with cutting-edge technology? Embark on your journey by starting a free trial of today.